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Anyone have/used an hp 17BII (not 17BII+)? I would like to know if this model allows differing compounding periods to payment periods? I ask this because in Canada the mortgage calaculations -- P/Y=12, C/Y=2 -- are slightly different than in the US. Thanks!



Hi. I don't have my manual in front of me, but I have a pretty strong memory that yes, in fact, this is explicitly covered in the 17bii manual. (I remember finding it interesting).

BTW, there are two different 17bii models: US/Canad, and International. THe only difference I have found is the ability to change language (In Other Words the CDN compounding business is in both).

Yo might also go to and search for support--discontinued models (or something like that).

Best of luck



WHEW! I am awaiting shipment of an hp 17BII from and it just occured to me that (unlike my old TI-BA II Plus) it may not allow for differing P/Y and C/Y. Thanks a million, Bill!

~Peter Dimopoulos

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