HP 49g+ serial number CNA-452


On the


board someone has a calculator of this serial number (first 6 digits) and suggests it's the new enhanced keyboard. Has anyone experience with this newly-made HP, and how does the keyboard work, especially with respect to those "Keyskips" that occur about 5% of the time.


Don't hold your breath... there have been many rumored "improved" keyboards, but then still have the keypress bug. I'd have to read nothing but good reviews of these "improved" keyboards for some time before I even thought about buying a 49+ again.


I've tried three replacements from HP. The kbds all felt different, with each replacement requiring less force (and also more sloppiness/vibration)

The clockspeed tools found on hpcalc.org have resolved most problems, but others point out that the issue is more subtle.

I have, for the most part, lost much time with the new machines. They're primarily supposed to save time, right?


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