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hey all,

the page on this web site re: Voyager internals implies that the keyboard (plus circuitboard) are permanently applied to the front part of the 15c (11c, 12c, etc.) case. does anyone know if this is true or not?

to be even more specific, i have a 15c that needs some keyboard maintenance, and i'm reluctant to do anything that might be irreversable. so ... how easy is it to open up any voyager calc (the 15c in my case), access the keyboard, close up the calc, and have it working normally again?



All Voyager keyboards are attached to the body of the calculator by plastic heat fused rivets. Keyboard maintenance is without a doubt the hardest thing to do - you'll get only one chance to remove the keyboard properly and then reinstall with (maybe) good results. The second time you try you'll wish you didn't. It helps to practice your techniques on several throw-away 12C's first.

The term "keyboard maintenance" covers alot of issues - could you be more specific? Unless you have a broken hinge on a keytop, you generally don't need to remove the pc board.

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