Use Ipaq as 19BII Financial Calc


I have Emu48 and a 19BII calc.
I need a KML script and instructions on how to extract the ROM out of my calc.

I surfed Christoph Giabelink's website and found some comments and instructions but not on the 19BII specifically.

Could someone give me a hand?



Hi Gus!

I need a KML script and instructions on how to extract the ROM out of my calc.

Even if Emu42 technically could emulate the HP-19BII the real problem is that there is no known way to extract the ROM from it. This is the same issue, as for example, with the HP-32SII.

My suggestion would be to buy a cosmetically imperfect but working HP-17BII off eBay and dump the ROM from it instead (if you can live with an emulated HP-17BII instead of a HP-19BII that is). The dumping process is actually very fast and not at all diffucult. Note, however, that you must also have access to a HP-48GX to use as the receiver during the process. (A HP-48G+, or a HP-48SX with a 128K RAM card, should also work fine).

There is also already a KML script for Pocket PC for the HP-17BII...

Good luck! And if it works for you, do not forget to post your successful ROM dump story here. It's always nice to see people joining the "ROM dumping" club...

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

Edited: 8 Apr 2005, 2:11 p.m.


Erik, thanks a lot!!!!

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