Reading 9845 tapes in HP-85


I've been asked to read a bunch of DC100A tapes created on an HP9845. While I don't have access to a 9845, I know where I can borrow an HP-85.

Can the 85 read these tapes or am I expecting too much?



If you are asking whether you can insert a tape, type CAT
and get a listing, the answer is, unfortunately, no.

If you are willing to write a program to read the tapes, I think it can be done, but it'll have to be in assembly as BASIC does not allow low-level access to the tape drive.

You may have more luck interfacing the HP-85 with an external (HP-IB) tape drive that is compatible with the HP-9845 tapes.

BTW anybody knows whether the 9845 tapes were read/writable by the 9825?



That HP-IB drive would be the HP 9875A, right? That sounds like a plan, but how easy is it to locate one of these animals?


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