What do you get for your $50?


Appart from the 2 connectors at the bottom of the expansion slot does anybody know what the HP48GX has over the HP48G+?

As the G+ has the same ammount of memory as the GX does HP now use the same circuit board / ROM etc. for both?


The main thing you get for your $50 is two expansion slots. However, I believe this is a major advantage. In addition to being able to expand memory, you can buy application pacs similar to the ones which were available for the HP-41 which can contain programs that are much bigger than will fit in memory. In my opinion, this is worth much more than the additional $50.


Thanks for your reply. I see that the user gets the expansion possibility but if the only difference is a $1 connector then either the G+ is very cheap or the GX is over priced. :-(

I do realise that HP have to make the best profit from the goods they sell but I feel a bit annoyed in having to pay $50 (or to put it another way 50% more) for the expansion slots when they may only cost a small fraction of that.



The 48 G + is cheap. What the extra $50 is for is the extra research, support and memory the 48 GX had to offer over the original 48G. After many years and a big price drop in RAM, HP decided to expand memory of the 48G and call it the G+ and offer it at the price of a 48G. HP has not reduced the 48GX as much(it used to sell for $220+ something and the 48SX listed at over $300). That is why the $50 difference. That extra port means having to supply extra support to other development teams and companies that may try to make additional hardware.

Extra features may only cost a few dollars more to install but may lead to additional costs of operation and support.


On that note I'd add that the 48G+ may well be one of the biggest bargains in the new category out there at this time since available street NIB for 89.XX$ $48G's and SX's on ebay are often available for 20-40$ as well. My 39G has still not left the package, so I can't comment on that one.

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