HP calculator for sale


Does anyone have any of the following calculators for sale:
HP 32S, HP 15C, HP 11C


Yep, I've got a good condition HP15c with slip-case (no manual, box, etc) for sale. It's on ebay at the mo.
Why do you ask?




My guess you want to avoid eBay's prices and would like to buy one as a deal!!! Many folks used think that eBay was a place for deals (at least for calculators) .. until moeny-spending engineers showed up on the scene and ruined everything. Even this site's ads now offer calculators at even higher-than-eBay prices.

Bottom line Freddy. You have to pay dearly! No two ways about it.


Not necessarily true...drop me a line and see what you think!

I'm certainly open to offers back-channel and I'll pull it from ebay if you wanted it.




Seems a person who goes by the name of "eBay Seller" would WANT the exact scenario you describe.

In other words, if by "ruined everything" you mean those [sic] "moeny-spending engineers", are helping you achieve higher profit margins, then by all means, ruin away!!

eBay Seller said, "Bottom line Freddy. You have to pay dearly! No two ways about it." Don't believe it Freddy! I have accumulated many, many, more HP's from garage sales, thrift stores, classified ads, etc.. than I have ever bought on eBay (three total, all less than $60.. 32S 50th. Anniversay edition, and 41C Blanknut, for example).

In fact, I picked up a pristine 11C for a whopping $3.99 at Goodwill yesterday. What made me laugh was that the $19.99 to $39.99 Sharp, TI, and Casio calculators were behind a glass display case because they were "valuable", while the lowly 11C was loose and alone in a bin, separated from it's case (in a different bin). Sorry, the 11C isn't for sale.

Matt Kernal, a patient and frugal "moeny-spending engineer"


The boldfaced sentence (with hyperlink) reads,

Please continue to use the classified ads section for "for sale" and "wanted" ads.


Apologies to the forum, I was not intending to try to sell anything on here but I was merely responding to Freddy's question. :-)

Suitably chastened.




HP-32S & HP-32SII


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