Looking for ...


... the person who stole my HP 67 from my high school locker in 1982-1983. Please return it.


Now, that is what I call an optimist. Good luck!


Which school, city, state, country did you loose it?


Rancho High School, Las Vegas, Nevada


Bin Laden has your 67!! Find him and you will find your 67 ... and be very rich too!


My high school car cost less than that.


Well, actually it was my dad's. He let me use it during the school year :)


... Ya, I know what you mean ... listen to this story, it was San Francisco, CA, back in 1979, at the end of my first 2 weeks on the job I'd received permission to take the engineering office's new HP-55, with its cool plactic case etc, home for the weekend to learn it's features. I'd just cashed my first 2 weeks paycheck right after work and was meeting up with my Friday night DATE for dinner and movie. I was so jazzed!

After the movie, we walked hand in hand down the sidewalk, looking at the shop windows, heading towards where I'd parked my cherry '63 Chevy 2-Door Impalla, with it's pristine red interior, my college engineering survey books, my cashed paycheck and the office's HP-55.


Long story short ... my stolen car was found 7 days later abandoned on the railroad tracks in Oakland, CA, minus it's pristine red interior, my college engineering survey text books, my cashed paycheck, the office's HP-55, and my pride.

And NO ... the train did not crash into the Chevy.


I'll try. This story is a bit more recent, and happened to a friend.

She had a 32sii checked out from the school. Well she lost it at Barnes and Nobles one day. The rule if you lose the school's HP 32sii is that you pay the going ebay price for it, rather than the $55 the school paid for it. She was very worried about this. Well 2 months later, a friend says that he has her calcualtor. It turns out someone else had found it at B&N and took it to a restaurant, where he lost it. A violin teacher then found it. Knowing that his student liked math, he gave it to him. This student was this friend, who gave it back to the owner.

So, after being lost for 2 months, and being in the possession of 3 different people, it was returned.

How's that for a happy story:)

-Ben Salinas



I can't beat these crazy stories, but I can say my life was affected by calculator theft. When my brother was just entering high school (I was just leaving), he won a 20s in a computer programming contest. I used to borrow it, being in upper level math classes, and got hooked. He won another one in the next year's challange, which he gave me. Well, he ended up having the 20s stolen, so I unhappily gave him the 'spare' which also got stolen. I forgot all about hp's during college, probably cause of the 'high' price. In the past 5 years I've acquired a bunch of the modern rpn's, but always wanted a 20s again.
Well, just yesterday I finally got a 20s 'back' for $5 at the local junk store.



I'm looking for that &ç"%rtµ*£§ who stole my 15C back in 1983 in the lockers of the squash club "Fort Jaco" in Brussels.

The amazing side is that the next week a guy was selling 15C in the main classified ads paper (Vlan, for those who know Brussels). You would usually see some 41C there, but never other models. A schoolmate told me this. When I called the number, the seller told me it was sold. I asked him why he was selling his calculator, he hummed and welled, and he told me a weird story about a gift he had received that was not interesting anymore. I still believe that I was talking to my robber, but unable to prove it...

The 15C purchase also has its own story. 2 years earlier I purchased a brand new 11C. I can still remember the sweet smell of the pink foam pouch. As calculator robberies were quite frequent, I was always carrying my 11C in the inner pocket of my jackets. BTW the voyager series were the coolest calculator to carry, and definitely I was envied by all the nerds of my school. We had a room that we were able to use during breaks. I put my jacket one one of the radiators, and someone (Didier, if you can recognize yourself) sat on it, breaking the LCD screen. His liability insurance covered that, and with a few more money I was able to purchase my brand new 15C... with the destiny that you all know.

I kept the broken 11C, the original boxes and documents of both 11C and 15C, but some time after I left the house my mother decided to tidy up my cabinets... and after sentencing these were useless, she threw everything away... I could have sold these for at least $300 !


I was collecting soft cover short stories (before calcs)

and one day my father got angry at me and my school records

he thought that I read those stories (instead of collecting them)

and thus tore them at half

Those collectables would be more than my 88_m^2 flat today!!



Now - is that more due to your savvy as a short story collector or your current appartment? Which is ruled by a non-RPN wife, right?


About 7 years ago, in the airport of Milan, I was waiting for a delayed aircraft. I took my 27S and did some calculations. After each step I placed the calc on the small panel between the seats, transferred the result into a table and took it gain for the next step. Imagine the surprise, when I wanted to pick the calc for the next calculation… and it was not there anymore.

To make the story even worse: back to Switzerland, I wanted to buy another 27S and found out, that my workhorse became collector’s item… it took me almost 2 years and lot of money to get another one. Now I’m much more careful where I put it



"Violence is a tool of the ignorant." -Donald Larrimer.

It's a shame you had such violence inflicted on you.



..not to mention that you were compelled to wait for a delayed flight - ah, but you were in Italy, so everything fits! :-))))
By the way, I live in Italy: it's not so nice for my country to be mentioned in a post because of delayed planes and stolen 27s!!!


I believe that last week I misplaced a 33s somewhere between Seattle & San Diego. It has textured, non-skid stuff attached to the back, and my name & number inside the battery compartment cover, so if found there should be no trouble contacting the original owner.

But unlike the other stories here, my lost article is still available via retail at (most would agree) a reasonable price. Not quite the same . . .


All of these stories reminds me of the reason that I stopped carrying my HP42S's a few years ago.

Outside of occasionally carrying my trusty 48GX, I only carry low rent TI-36XII's ($7 each) as everyday calcs.

I still have to find a reason to order a new 33S, but after using my friend's, I think it is a solid calc.


I know it costs a bit more, but I am currently using my 33S as my "TI36XII"; it just feels too funny not to be using RPN. Having the constants library and programmability doesn't hurt one bit either... very handy!

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