hp41 ppcrom


Hello, as I don't have the manual, can anyone explain me briefly the functions in a ppc rom mudule for hp41? I only want some examples of functions and what they do, the most important ones, so I can buy the dvd containing the manual or not Thank you


Buy the DVD-ROM withe the manual!


Some people would consider the manual even better than the ROM itself. As it happens I´ve got a spare copy, can sell it to you if you´re interested (asking $75 plus S&H). Email me at: ovolacteoATonlinehomeDOTde

Sorry about the shameless plug, anyway.


Couldn't agree more with the posts, the manual is definitely worth having! I was lucky to get my module with it and I'm very glad I did. Just in case, here is an ebay auction for just the manual (not from me)


Also available from Jake Schwartz:



And what do you think of "Expand your hp41", is more must have than the ppcrom manual
Thank you


its called "the Bible" and not for no reason. Best book for me I read for the HP (Wlodek, you listening?) Can be found as pdf on this page's DVD set.

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