Emu42PPC now available with VGA support


Emu42PPC v1.02 What's new?

  • solved problems with "Topbar 0" on WM 2003 devices
  • speed improvement
  • added VGA support (Background section, "Vga 1")
  • added Zoom factors 3 and 4
  • added RLE4 and RLE8 compressed bitmap support

Emu48PPC v1.02 What's new?

  • added RLE4 and RLE8 compressed bitmap support

The programs are available at http://privat.swol.de/ChristophGiesselink/. The latest VGA KML script for the HP42S I use was mainly written by Erik Ehrling, so I'm sorry you have to wait until he's publishing the script.

Best Regards,

Christoph Giesselink



The HP-42S VGA (portrait) KML for Emu42PPC can now be downloaded here:

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


I have downloaded the actual version.
It did not run on my HP hx4700 because it's running Pocket Windows 2003. Not even I get a warning while installing the program, the program simply finishes working after showing the GNU-copyleft for a small moment :-(


This has nothing to do with WM 2003, I know at last five different devices with WM 2003 where Emu42/48 is running perfectly on. Finally my VGA device, a Dell Axim X50v, is running with WM 2003 SE.

The problem is that the devices are quite different, because any manufacturer can config the operating system in a wide range. Furthermore you can solve problems in applications by different ways, so there's no "must go" way. Because of that there can be incompatibilities between a Windows Mobile device and an application. Or just bugs, it's quite hard to detect memory access misalignments, sometimes the software crash immediately at the misalignment or never. Or a bug in the OS, that "Topbar 0" wasn't working properly under WM 2003 (SE) is a bug of OS not of the emulator. This bug was introduced in WM 2003, Pocket PC 2002 behave like expected.

Because I have no hx4700 (too expensive IMHO), I'm sorry I have no real chance to detect the misbehavior and so to be able to fix it.




IS there is a chance to write some kind of debugging stuff into a textfile on the ppc? In this case, it should be possible to detect the position that causes the problem.


Possible is everything, but I wouldn't spend time to add additional debugging stuff to the dozen of called functions.

But I found two uninitialized global variables in the KML script handler. This is of course absolutely dangerous and I'm really wondering that this was never detected before, because this is an "original" bug from Emu48 v1.0 from 1997!

I can send you a Debug version with some assertions lines and a bug fixed version of Emu42 for testing to the Email address you used in the MoHPC header next week.


Christoph, c dot giesselink at gmx dot de


Looks interesting,
I am waiting until then :-)
Kind regards

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