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I check this forum several times a day and have never experienced the problem you describe, or any other problem. Maybe it's browser related, I use Inet Explorer???


I've been using FireFox for quite awhile and visit here often, I've never seen the behavior you describe, here or anyplace else.

Make sure your FireFox cache size is set and you have enough free disk space...


Besides the notes from the other repliers,

when did you check your PC for viruses the last time?

Or do you use special settings in your browser,

and/or special pugins?

I use Firefox 1.02 w/o any problems



There is a little snippet of JavaScript code at the bottom of the home page -- it sounds like that is what's causing the reloads. Try turning off JavaScript and see if that makes the problem go away... I don't see anything wrong with this code, but then again, JavaScript is a bit of a black art sometimes.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
< !--
setTimeout ("unFrameMe()", 1000);

function unFrameMe() {
if (self.parent.frames.length != 0)
// --> </SCRIPT>

(Note: I had to mess up the opening comment delimiter so that it doesn't become an actual comment in this message -- looks like a bug in the forum's submission handling code. Not that that has anything to do with anything...)


Thanks for the replies.

I am now connected from home and cannot reproduce the problem. I can only surmise it was related to Javascript, as Thomas suggested.


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