HP 9825B printer connection, parallel port



I want to connect a HP 9825B to a Deskjet 550C via the parallel bus. The 9825 has got the I/O-Interface and I have got all the manuals for it. I opened the plugs of the Centronix-cable and tried to connect the right pins.

My question is if anyone has experience in this and could help me finish my work.

Many thanks in advance, greetings


IIRC, the HP's I/O interface is HP-IB, while the printer has a standard parallel printer port. On the printer side, they use the same type of plug, but it's not the same bus -- you have more to do than just figuring out which pins to connect, I'm afraid!

There are companies that sell HP-IB to Centronics converters. Just Google for HP-IB (or IEEE-488) and Centronics and you'll find several.

- Thomas

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