HP 42S plotting capability?


Hi all,
I read that the hp42S have graphic capabilitys. Can the calc plot a graph like sin(x) ??
I use C.G emulator under windows, but I'm unable to find how to plot a single function. Can anybody give me a single example ?

Thanks all,


The HP-42S does not have a built-in function plotting facility like the 48 series, but the HP-42S manual has two programs that accomplish the job -- one that uses only the display, and one that creates a much nicer plot but requires a printer.

I have "raw" files for both programs at http://home.planet.nl/~demun000/thomas_projects/free42/42progs/; you can see an example of the printing version of the program at http://home.planet.nl/~demun000/thomas_projects/free42/82240/.

I can send you plain-text listings of both programs if you like.

- Thomas


Thanks Thomas!! I will take a look at your site!!

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