Dear HP41 enthusiasts,

yesterday I get the nice NoVRAM plug in module from Diego Diaz. I prefer the following port configuration :

Port 8.....11 = ROM

Port 8 = W&W RAM-Box operating system
Port 9 = EXT-I/O Module
Port 10 = CCD-1B
Port 11 = CCD-2B

Port 12. ..15 = RAM

NoVRAM is placed to plug in slot 1, Double X-Memory to plug in slot 2, IL-Module to plug in slot 3, plug in slot 4 is free.

Using this module configutation gives great power for HP41 system. May be we get some bank switched mcode ROM applications in future time - using the complete 24KByte ROM capacity of the NoVRAM...

Thanks a lot Diego for creating this really advanced plug in module hardware solution :-))

With best regards - Christoph Klug


Hi Christoph,

Thanks a lot for your kind words. :-)

I'm on vacation thus seldomly access the I'net. Just to point out for the rest of NoVRAM users:

The configuration above mentioned by Christoph is not possible with the standard NoVRAM-H.exe utility. I just prepared a freely configurable utility (NoVRAM-R.exe, where "R" stands for RAM-Box) that allows RAM allocation on pages #8-#B or #C-#F, as well as .ROM images loaded in the remaining pages in the range #4-#F.

I haven't got the time to make it public but I will do as soon as I get back home. Meanwhile, I grant Christoph full permission to freely distribute as many copies as requested of said utility.

Thank you all and kind regards from Seville.


Edited: 23 Mar 2005, 2:03 p.m.

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