Did the "Correct' function disappear after the HP 41


I was going over the 41CX manual tonight and I was surprised to find the "Correct" function call to automatically adjust the accuracy of the internal clock.

As far as I can tell, such function is no longer available in the 48 SX/GX and 49G+ series, which all have fairly poor clock accuracy.

Am I missing something here? It is fairly rare that an existing function got completely eliminated (rather than recast) in a later generation machine.


The HP-71 has it (ADJUST, AF, EXACT)

Actually, my HP handhelds' clocks have been accurate enough without it though, unlike my PC's which loses ten minutes a day.

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Thanks Garth,

I ran into the same problem on my PC, it turns out the clock backup battery was low. So if you have had it for a few years, it may worth checking and replacing the battery.


I never turn the PC off because it takes too long to boot up for how often I use it. Would the back-up battery still be an issue?


That I am not sure, I guess that would depend on the design of the motherboard.

If the machine is always on and connected to the Internet, you can always tell it to sync against NIST. This is build into to XP itself, otherwise, you can download the sync program from NIST directly and set up a periodic auto sync.


AFAIK there exist some clock accuracy related programs

for the HP-48 on www.hpcalc.org.


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