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Does anyone have a copy of program 10341C- "Thermodynamic Properties of Superheated and Saturated Steam" by Michel Le Mero from the above source ? Thanks for your help.


Hi Charles,

When UPLE was closed, the HP UPLE programs in some languages were given to user clubs active at the time that worked in those languages. The English language section was passed to HPCC, which is still active (see www.hpcc.org). We retained some programs for distribution in the club, and the entire set of originals is in an attic, very hard to get to, but not lost. If you happen to be in London, let me know, and we can arrange for you to visit the attic and hunt for this program.

Best Regards,

Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz


Hello, Wlodek!

Is it possible that you could attend the Euro2005 Calculator Conference,
which is held in Finland at 2nd July, Saturnday?

We would love to see you as a speaker.

Veli-Pekka Nousiainen
STaK President



I really want to go to your meeting in Finland - but there are 3 other HP handhelds meetings this year - or 4 if the one Raymond and Christoph planned does work out. Obviously I plan to be at our HPCC meeting in September in London, and as usual I want to be at the HHC meeting in the US, in Chicago this year. Ask me again in a few weeks? ;-)
How are the preparations going? I hope all is well!

Anyone else ready to tell us now that they are going? It
should be a very interesting place and meeting!

Best Wishes,



Thank you for you answer, Wlodek!

I will release the schedule before April.

We are missing just a few important speakers.


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