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Thanks for your advice this past month regarding the EIT/PE exams.

I've been agonizing recently, after getting my 49g+ to work rather well, and a buying backup 48G for peace of mind. I will graduate next x-mas with my BS in mechanical engrg. In my courses, two fellow students use HPs, and everyone else is joyous with their TI-Voyagers (the querty machine).

As I had mentioned, I'm planning on the EIT soon. I will be in Heat Transf next semester, so it is still uncertain if I can take the EIT in October (I'll be halfway thru HtTrnsfr), or postponing until April 06.

My dilemma is: I love my 32sii, and am VERY close to ordering an extra refurb brown bezel 32sii from hpcalculators.com. I'd like two machines for university exams, on account of a blank flash on my 32sii during a test last year.

The reason I am shuffling is that I question NCEES's plans. Since my EIT date may not occur until next April, is there much point to using the 33s instead of my 32sii? Do you have any advice?



This isn't the calculator advice that you were looking for but here's a link to an interesting book on heat transfer that you might find useful. I haven't made my way through all of it yet but I like what I've seen so far. It's available at an excellent price - free!





Thanks, John!

I've used the mit OCR before, but this looks different, I'll look into it.



Eric --

I remember my advice being along the lines of, "Focus on your course of study, not thoroughly mastering a calculator." This is based on my own experience with the EIT/FE in Spring 1994, in which the only section I did poorly is the one for which I had never taken a collegiate course. (I passed the exam first time, using a HP-15C.)

As for calc's to use for your collegiate exams, I'd use the 32SII over the 33S (I have both). If you want to spend money for a backup unit, that's up to you. The 32SII display is vastly better than that of the 33S; you can tell the shift-key legends apart on the 32SII, and its faceplate is much less cluttered. You don't want mistakes and aggravation during exams. Going from one to the other shouldn't be too hard.

-- KS


You could buy a HP-32SII from me!

It's *only* 99 euros (+ shipping)

Just DROP the DROP_ when you drop me an e-mail



You might want to put off purchasing a 33S until you know when you are taking the EIT exam.

Suppose you qualify to take the October 2005 EIT exam. In that case, you will presumably need a 33S, since none of your other calculators are allowed under current NCEES policy. But there's no need to rush, because switching from the 32SII to the 33S should not be difficult. You should be thoroughly comfortable with the 33S if you study with it for just a few weeks.

On the other hand, suppose you won't take the EIT exam until April 2006. In that case, you should *not* order a 33S until NCEES announces their calculator policy for 2006. According to http://www.ncees.org/exams/calculators :

"Each year, an NCEES subcommittee on calculators will review and revise the approved calculator list. It will provide an updated list by November 15."

There is no way to predict NCEES calculator policies in advance, and there is no guarantee that NCEES will reapprove the 33S for 2006. I would be surprised if they didn't, but then again NCEES has been known to surprise everyone in the past.


All, thanks for the advice. The 32sii lives!

VPN, are you selling a *new* 32sii or used, also what is the condition, AND...is it a english keyboard?
Eric Lundgren


It's used - no dents, LCD intact

I have send you a private e-mail


PS: the kb is in math language :-D

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