15C back label


I was looking at the pictures on the museum and just noticed that my 15C has a slightly different back label from the one pictured.
Mine (serial 2248A....) doesn't have the logo (what is it?) on the top left hand corner nor the Class B statement on the bottom right corner. Any other back label version around?
Just curious...


Mine lacks these too. (Serial 2343B75099)




This was discussed about a year ago here (somewhere in the archives).

I have two 15c's: one is from the very beginning, and it does not have the musical note-looking thing (871b), but my newer one does. I think it worked out to be various governmental required approvals---perhaps german or european?



btw, my 27s has the "871b" "musical note" looking mark, as well as my brazilian 12c; my 32sii & a 20s (singapore) has the CE91 stamp instead, my very late run 11c has the 871b stamp, as well as the FCC class B statement, one 48gx (singapore) has a CE93 stamp,and my indonesian 20s has the CE but no year designation.

My late 15c is lent out, and my other is at home. If you want to know more, just let me know.



my domain is plattdesign dot net and you can find my email there.

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