Sorry, its off topic, but does walmart sell the 49g+?


The website says its "Online Only". But what does that mean? Is it not available at the stores, or are the $138 online only?
A Friend of mine is visiting the states now, and as the 49G+ is rather expensive in Germany (where I live) I wanted to ask him to get one for me in the states.
So I need to know where he can buy it, and how much it costs.
And where can you get the 48GII?

Thanks for your help,
Harry from Germany


Only HP I have ever seen in a Walmart physical store is the HP10bII.



Hi Harry. The only retail store where I've seen the 49G+ and 48GII sold is at Fry's. For store locations see the following link:

Vieles Glueck!





Even has HP calculators (among others) these days. I know at least once or twice I saw either or both of the 48GII or the 49G+ on sale at that site.

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