HP-41CX Display Question


I have only one HP-41CX so I have nothing to compare against. My 41CX has a black mask around the display, starting just outside the useable area. My other 41s have not such mask.

Is that the normal configuration for a 41CX?


your cx is a "half nut".


1) Less collectible
2) More collectible
3) Less desireable
4) More desireable
5) None of the above, just different


I'm not a collector, just a 41 enthusiast, so I may be talking out of turn. But my guess would be "None of the above, just different." The Halfnut name comes from the fact that the internal product name at HP for the 41 family was Coconut. When the Coconut series was redesigned to use about half the number of chips (fewer components means less manufacturing cost and fewer potential points of failure), they were called Halfnuts. Some users had complained of "bleeding" (dark areas) around the edges of some 41 displays (I've never seen this myself), so a mask was added to cover the edges of the display and hide any minor bleeding. This mask is the easiest way to distinguish a Halfnut from a "Fullnut" 41.

The CX wasn't the only Halfnut made; there were Halfnut versions of the C and CV as well. By this time the C was no longer being sold in stores, but some Halfnut 41C models were sent out as replacements for older units that had been sent in for repair. I suppose that would make a Halfnut C more collectible than a Halfnut CV or CX, since there were never as many of the C versions released to the public.


...And there were probably less fullnut CXs made than halfnut, so a fullnut would (maybe) be marginally more collectable.

Now, a halfnut C with all bugs... (fake)



A good summary of the fullnut/halfnut story!

I would add that the halfnut units are somewhat more durable because they have more advanced electronics. For example, the halfnuts tend to have less logic board problems. I addition, I believe the term "halfnut" was used inside HP for a while because they were thinking about coming out with a simpler version of the 41 (e.g., with "half" the functions).

As far as collectability goes, I've seen halfnut CX and CV units, but never a halfnut C.

I would ask the group: Has anyone seen a halfnut C?



I have not seen one, but the folowing information may be of interest:

The halfnut was released after the C was withdrawn from market. however C's were still being manufactured as service spares. Thus, the only way to get one (oficially) was to have a 41 sent in for repair and have HP replace it.

Yes they exist, no I don't have one, yes I want one :-)

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