HP-IL analyzer for the HP-71B??


The HP-IL Development Module for the HP-41 includes an HP-IL analyzer that prints every message that is sent via the HP-IL.

Is there a program for the HP-71B that does something similar?




Yes IIRC. But it would take me some time to dig it out from my kitchen sink. For sure the HP-71 gurus here are faster than me <G>



Well there was such a thing, I believe. I'll also have to dig it out somewhere. Let's hope the disks are ok...


Could the program be on one of the swap disks? These things are very
difficult to search and I never know if I have missed something.




Check the CHHU01 swap disk for files like FRAME71 or SCOPE71.



IIRC, it was an example in one of the manuals, somewhere where they explained how to set the HP-71B as listener only, not as controler of the loop. Long-long time ago I did such things just to make for the HP-41 the HP-71B look like a printer (to print ROMs with the ZENROM). I hope that helps for your next step.


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