Free42 1.2 released


Hi all,

I released Free42 version 1.2 today. I thought it was time for a new "major" version number, having achieved most of the major development goals, including, most recently, keyboard mapping and copy/paste. (No BCD yet, though.)

I think I need a break from this project, so expect no major new releases in the next few weeks; however, I will keep an eye on my email and on this forum and fix bugs and such.

Happy RPNing!

- Thomas


Your HP42s is looking good!! Thanks for all the work you put into it.



Thanks for yet another improvement, Free 42 is now really good and I am using it regularly, the keyboard mapping makes it a lot more useful.

Just one problem, the skins don't seen to work, I have put the skin files into "My Documents"\Free42\ and the Skin menu expands to show them, but the alternative skins won't select from the menu. The new default skin is a great improvement, but I was looking forward to using the "real" one.

Also I would really like a PPC version....

Keep up the good work and THANKS again for a great emulator.


I broke the Skin menu in the Windows version, release 1.2.

I just posted version 1.2.1 which fixes this problem.

- Thomas


Also I would really like a PPC version....

I'd like to port Free42 to the Pocket PC, but at the moment the problem is that I don't have one, nor do I have any development tools for PPC. It bugs me a bit to buy all that stuff while my Palm already satisfies my modest PDA needs...

I'll do it eventually, partly out of curiosity, partly to diversify my resume, but the project could be speeded up if I were to receive the required hard- and software as a donation. Maybe I should get PayPal and then just solicit donations? Apparently it worked for Christoph Gießelink, so why not for me? Hmmm...

- Thomas


Real hardware is always nicer (particularly if it understands RPN) but you might find the following useful...

  • eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0

  • Emulator Images for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software for Pocket PC

  • Developer Resources for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

    Mike T.

  • #16

    Thanks -- I'll take a look at those sites soon (when I feel up to climbing yet another learning curve :-) ).

    - Thomas


    I am sure you would get some donations if you set up a PayPal account. There must be many of us who use Free42 and would be hapy to make a donation.


    Fantastic ! Now the keyboard input really works ! It will surely be my desktop calculator now.

    And yes, open up a paypal donation account !

    Congratulations and Proficiaat !


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