Decimal Position on HP-15C


Dear HP Forum:

I need to change the decimal position on display for HP-15C and can't figure out how to do this. If anyone knows how to do this, please e-mail right away. Thank you.

Cecylia Escarcega
San Diego, CA


If I remember correctly enter in the number of decimal places you want, say 5 the press the f or gold key then 7 for FIX. This should give you 5 fixed decimal places. If you are looking for either setting up for scientific or engineering notation the 8 key will give you scientific notation and the 9 key will give you engineering notation.


Hi, Richard;

just to add that the Voyagers use postfixed notation for FIX, SCI and ENG, i.e., the sequence should be:

[f][FIX] 5 
instead of
5 [f][FIX]
Exceptions for sequencies are the HP12C/12Cp ([f] number or [f] [.]) and the HP16C ([f][FLOAT] number or [f][FLOAT] [.]).

My 2 cents.

Luiz (Brazil)


I couldn't remember. It has been a couple years sense I owned a 15C. I could not remember if it was postfixed entry or not. I bought a 15C about 20 years ago as a backup for my 41CX and wound up selling it a couple years ago because I hardly ever used it.

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