difference between 32S and 32SII


Hi all, I search all the functionalities difference between this two machine. Not the look but all features. I cannot find a complete list. The section "Other" on main page hall doesn't talk about unit conversion for example...

Thanks in advance.



This is a great reference which lists all the features of every HP calculator: http://www.finseth.com/hpdata.html


I will put this link in my mozilla favorite!!


The quick summary of major differences:

  1. The 32S has only one shift key, providing access for many functions through one-level menus. The 32SII has two shift keys, providing direct access for more functions.
  2. The 32SII supports equations -- editing, evaluating, solving, and integrating.
  3. The 32SII supports mathematics with fractions.
  4. The 32S was made between 1988-1991, in the USA and Singapore. The 32SII was made in the USA, Singapore, and Indonesia from 1991-2002.

-- KS


Hi,I have two 32S that are made in Brazil sn 29xxBxxxxx and 30xxBxxxxx.




And the 32sII has an Rup and an Rdown (stack roll)--but the 32s only has an Rdown

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