Is it possible to fix HP19bII keyboard?


I got this HP-19BII with 1 defective row of keys.
It's on the left side, I can still use the very basic stuff, but I was wondering... does anyone know a way to fix it?
HP charges about US$130.00 for a replacement here (what a joke)!


There may very well be individuals more skilled than I, but my experience was less than satisfying. Even if you can open the case without too much damage to the numerous plastic stakes, the chance of getting them back togeather, and still make reliable contacts are slim. I would like to learn about any successful procedures from others who might have fared better than I.


I had a problem with one key on a 42S and I used a compressor to blow out the buttons. That was a while now. It's still working fine up to now.


Now, that's an idea... I am afraid it's not just dirt there 'cause the whole column doesn't work but it's worth a try.

Gil petri.

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