Value of HEPAX module?


Anybody know what an advanced HEPAX module is worth, boxed with manuals and quick reference card in excellent condition? Thanks.


How much? Considerably more than its weight in gold.

Even in 1988 the retail price would have been in the $300 range.

Check out the following thread:

Mark Hardman

Houston, TX


I´m still looking for the HePaX memory module... Any left?


You can consider the following prices: 
EUR 600 for an ADV HEPAX (16K ROM / 16K RAM),
EUR 450 for an HEPAX (16K ROM / 8K RAM),
EUR 450 for an HEPAX RAM Module (16K RAM),
EUR 300 for an HEPAX RAM Module (8K RAM).
Users and/or collectors will be happy to get such items.
Don't forget that some NoVram Modules made by Diego Diaz are on the market, but they are really rare too.
Both are useful !
However he does not build them anymore.

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As I remember I saw the last HEPAX on ebay in 2003!


Enough to make collectors and enthusiasts salivate over the mere ringing of its name: "HE-PAX"....

Seriously, a small fortune: from $600 up (and I mean really up). So don't agree too quickly to the first offer you may get...

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