Please help ...
I got this item from a friend and I was not able to access its 32K (64K or 128K) RAM.
I used ES-RSU1A & 2A, Zenrom and Rambox but nothing happened?!
The first 8K ROM returned NO RSU PAGE when INIPRGM a page.
It seems to need a special software according to its label.
No switch available outside.
However there's two switches inside with two positions for each.
Thanks for help.



Dear Emmanuel,

does your RAM-Bos lost the internal operating system ? Or is this available on port E and F ?

Regards - Christoph


There's no OS in the RAMBOX and impossible to write in it ?!


Dear Emmanuel,

may be your RAM-Box have an hardware failure. Normally - after reasing the pages you are able to load ROM-images to the RAM-Box by using an OS (stored on Zeprom or Clonix)
From which source you get the RAM-Box

Regards - Christoph


As I recall, (and this is going WAY back), the RSU RAM unit required a seperate OS ROM plugin module to function.


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