hp 33s bugs


Has anyone compiled a list of known bugs for the hp-33s? I'd like to write a (positive, mind you) review of the -33s on Amazon.com, but I'd like to be sure I am aware of the bugs people have identified to date. Thanks.



Mark Hardman

Houston, TX


Karl and Mark,


HP distributed an update to the user's manual, no doubt in response to bugs discussed in this Forum. Here's a wordy description of various identified 33S bugs:

description of bugs

Here's a link to a post announcing the update:

Link to update

For detailed descriptions of the bugs, look for posts from Norris and me about the HP-33S in Archive #14. Someone (Norris, I think) submitted a post that included links to each of the bug discussions, but I can't seem to find it.

-- KS

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