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Dear friends,

I apologize for asking this question here, but this is the place to get an answer to beleive in, without hesitation.

From time to time, in almost regular intervals I receive a letter from IBC Cambridge, England. The last one is they are consider to include me in their list of "Leading Educators of the World 2005". All of the titles offered always sound very attractive to someones ego.

However, they never need a list of references, an updated biography, or something like this, just my name and a payment of 200 to 400 USD to their bank account in order to send me a certificate, a medal, whatsoever.

My question is: has this situation already been described in the "Wizzard of Oz", i.e. somebody is just selling certificates and medals around of no practical value. Briefly, is all this a fraud?

In their web page: www.internationalbiographicalcentre.com there is a "Hall of Fame". I am not sure if this is just a list of those who "swallowed the offer"?

Hoping some of you have already had such experience, thanks for your answer(s)

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Hi, Nenad:

Have a look at this URL, scroll down the page till you find the "Nerd Scam" section.

Best regards from V.


Thank you very much, Valentin, you really made my day.

NERD SCAM - what a beautiful expression to describe the IBC offer

However, I do know some people, even from the Faculty I am working for as a part-time-job, that not only filled the form and sent the money (hopefully receiving a their diploma, certificate, platinum medal, etc.), but also recommended others to be added to IBC database. Human ego (and nerd factor) is rather high, especially within scientific circles.

If IBC knew some important details from my biography, they would have offered me a nice, say, HP97, instead of the medal and I would not hesitate too much paying for it.

This is something that someone out of moHP would call a "double nerd", or a "nerd nerd", but who cares.

Proud to be an oldHP nerd!



Hi again, Nenad:

Nenad posted:

"Thank you very much, Valentin, you really made my day."

You're welcome. Just for fun, have a look at this thread and also, specially, this thread.

They're but two of the many such threads (and web pages) I've found, but the 2nd one is really funny, IMHO. The part that goes ...

"Not bad. I am in the one thousand top [American] business executives. Funny, since
I have never done anything administrative in my life, and live in
Norway. [...]

I felt very bad for a friend of mine the other day, who strutted with
such pride after he had been named one of the top 1000 designers in the
world. Yes, he had bought the book. How could I tell him?"

... is priceless. :-)

Best regards from V.



Don't buy in - as you've already been warned.

I have been solicited a modest number of times to fill in my bio and other info for one of the "Who's Who" series. These folks then publish a book with the info they get. THERE IS NO CHARGE for this. They always offer to sell you a copy of whatever they produce (often at various levels of fanciness, i.e. gold labelling on the cover - for a price!), but unless you want that on your shelf, there is no obligation.

So, wait for some free compilation in which to be famous!



Thank you for your advice. I have also noticed the real difference between IBC and Who'sWho, not only in terms of having or not having to pay.

Marquis Who'sWho requires real data from their biographee: related to his/hers education, career, published books, papers, fields of interest, hobbies, etc. Their books might sometimes be useful.

On the other hand IBC only sells certificates and medals. A potential victim is anyone their letter reaches. However, I do think that IBC found my name in a Who'sWho publication and persisted to contact me.

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