New DVD/CD Set Version in the works


I'm working on a new DVD/CD set.

These manuals are needed


Please contact me if you can provide a 200-300 DPI scan, or are willing to loan a manual to me for scanning.

These MIGHT be needed

HP-17B and HP-19B. I have the "II" versions of each manual scanned. Since these manuals describe RPN mode in appendices, I think that the 17BII and 19BII manuals will be fine for the 17B and 19B owners. Does anyone disagree?

Other Manuals that are needed?

What am I missing? (please see below)

Manuals that have been scanned for the next version

Here's a rough list of items that are scanned for the next set: Some of the non-HP documents won't make it because I can't find the copyright holder to ask permission. Sorry about the lack of any categorization or order. Please use your find/search command to find any specific manual in the list below.

HP 110 82983a 300 1200 bps modem owners manual.
HP 110 getting started with portable plus
HP 110 port plus sw module inst guide
HP 110 port plus using time management
HP 110 portable plus drawer install
HP 110 Series 100 Basic
HP 110 using memo maker port plus
HP 110 using the portable plus
HP 110 Using Your Disc Drive
41C Water Surface profiles
Hewlett Packard Pocket Calculator Buyer's Guide Fall 1975 color (brochure)
HP-97/67 The Most Powerful Calculators every made by Hewlett-Packard (brochure)
HP-65 Hewlett-Packard presents a quantum leap in calculator technology (brochure)
HP-67 Taxes Users Library Solutions
The new HP-91 printing scientific calculator from HP (brochure)
HP-92 Investor Applications
The HP-92 Investor. It places Financial Alternatives at your fingertips (brochure)
Beginner's Guide for 5328A Universal Counter with 9825A Controller
HP 9825B Service manual
HP 9830 HP-IB User's Guide
Calculator control of 8660 synthesized signal generator
HP-41CX Benutzerhandbuch Band I (German handbook V1)
HP-41CX Benutzerhandbuch Band II (German handbook V2)
HP-83/85 Assembly Language I/O Reference Manual
HP-87 Assembler ROM and HP /82928A System Monitor Manual
HP-86B Assembly Level Service Manual
Series 80 Extended Mass Storage ROM Manual
HP 82939A Series 80 Serial Interface Owner's Manual
Series 80 Bug List
HP86/87 SYSEXT Betriebssysterweiterung - Andre Koppel Software - German Manual
HP 82713A HP-75 Plug-In Module Simulator Owner's Manual
9100B Programming (German Manual)
HP-41C Handbuch fur den fortgeschrittemen Anwender (German handbook for advanced users)
HP-20S Benutzerhandbuch (German owner's manual)
28S mathematics applications step by step
HP-75 I/O Rom Programming Techniques Manual
3 German HP 41 brochures
HP-32Sii Owner's Manual
HP-28C/S Calculus (Step-by-Step solutions)
HP-28S Power Tools - Grapevine
27, 29, 67 German brochures
HP-71 Users' Library Solutions Math
HP-71 Users' Library Solutions Utilities
An Easy Course In Programming the HP-11C and HP-15C
HP 82937A Series 80 HP-IB Installation and Theory of Operation Manual
HP-25 Bedienungshandbuch
HP-25 Programmsammlung
HP 82104A Magnetkartenleser Bedienungshandbuch
HP 82104A Kurzanleitung (German Quick Reference)
HP-97 Standard Paket
HP-85 Pocket Guide
HP 48 Insights Part I - Principles and Programming
HP 48 Insights Part II - Problem Solving Resources
Synthetic Programming on the HP-41C
HP-28 Insights Principles and Programming of the HP-28C/S
HP-41/48 Transitions
HP 97 programming pad
HP-67 brochure in Spanish
HP-41C CPU Description
HP-41 Time Module VASM Listing
General HP Brochure
HP35 Surveying
HP-83/85 Mass Storage ROM Owner's Manual
HP-83/85 Printer/Plotter ROM Owner's Manual
HP-87 Assembler ROM and HP /82928A System Monitor Manual
HP 82485AF HP-71 Editeur de texte Manual d'utilization (French)
HP 82478A HP-71 Debugger Owner's Manual
HP-71 Software Developer's Handbook
SDS-II HP-41C Software Development System for MS-DOS Computers
HP-41 MLDL-ROM Eramco Systems
HP-11C German Manual
HP82143A Thermodrucker Bedienungshandbuch
Effectively Presenting the HP-01 (Color) A marketing guide
HP-9820 Brochure
Hp Calculators Brochure April 1978
HP 28 and 41 Brochure Put Full Computational Tools to Work for You
HP-37E, HP-38E/38C Marketing and Forecasting
HP 82106A HP-41C Memory Module
HP-42S Introducing Menus: Functions a'la carte
Hewlett-Packard presents engineering works of art brochure
Series 10 Professional Calculators Brochure
HP Spring Added Value Days brochure
You and Hewlett Packard - Brochure
HP-25 German programming form
HP-21S Benutzerhandbuch
HP-28C Calculus Step by Step Examples - Edition 1 - current CD set has Edition 2
HP-11C Bedienungs-und programmierhandbuch
HP 49G
HP 49G Advanced Users Guide
HP 10B Owner's Manual
HP-39G/40G User's Guide
49G Pocket Guide
HP-9825A QRG
HP 98628A/98691A Datacom Interface Installation
HP-67 Navigation Pack barcodes - (HP-67 progs converted to 41C and barcoded)
HP-32Sii - there's another copy from Bill Hemphill..
HP-41 Calendars User's Library
HP-75 Text Formatter Owner's Manual (HP00075-90137)
HP-75 Text Formatter Quick Reference Guide (HP00075-90138)
HP-41C: A calculator. A System. A Standard for Professionals. (brochure )
HP-41C Alfanumerica Uma Calculadora. Uma Systema... brochure
HP-55 New-a faster, easier way to solve complex, repetitive problems brochure.
HP-65 Pre-recorded program cards change your personal computer into a specialized calculator (brochure)
HP-65 A Hewlett Packard apresenta um avnaco quantico na technogia.... brochure
Series 70 personal computers brochure
HP-92 Sets new standards
HP-9815A: A Four Dimensional Machine brochure
HP-9825 Computing Performance brochure
Take an unhurried look at the uncompromising calculators of Hewlett-Packard brochure
HP-25C Retains your programs and save your data - even when you turn it off brochure
HP-67 Kurzanleitung
HP-9100A Program Library
HP-9815A/S Program Form
HP-9815 General Utilities and Test Routines
HP 3468A brochure
HP 9825 brochure
HP journal July 1984 HP-71B issue
HP-28C/28S Algebra and College Math step by step solutions
HP-82104A Leitora De Cartoes (portuguese)
Imprimante HP 82143A Carte-aide memoire French QRG
HP-31E Manual Do Proprietario (Portuguese)
HP 82104A Leitora De Cartoes (portuguese) QRG
HP-41C Financial Decisions Pac QRG color English
HP-41C/41CV Guida Operative Manuale per l'utente esperto (Italian)
HP-82106A Memory Module for HP-41C english
HP 82143A Manual d'utilisation
HP9825 Error Messages Booklet
HP9825 QRG
HP9825 System Test Booklet
An Easy course in programming the HP-41C - Grapevine
HP 9810 Statistic Block Manual
Reservoir Engineering Manual
hp41 Financial Decisions Pac QRC&Overlay
hp41 Home Mngt Pack QRC&Overlays
hp41 Securities Pac I-QRC&Overlays
HP 46 and 81 Service Manual (small manual part number 00046-90031)
HP-67 Guide Resume (QRG French)
HP-67 QRG English
HP 35 brochure
HP-41 Cement Plug Balancing and Injection Rate Calculations State of California
HP-33E Surveying Applications
HP-41C/CV Guide Operativa Manuale per l'utente esperto - Itallian manual
HP-41C Guida Rapida HP-41C (Itallian QRG)
Guia de Consulta Rapida da HP-41C (Portuguese QRG)
HP-65 (Spanish Owner's handbook)
HP-35 Manual Preliminar de Funcionamiento (Spanish Owner's Handbook)
HP-80 Guia de Consulta Rapda (Spanish QRG)
HP-55 Guia de Referencia Rapda (Spanish QRG)
HP 42S Surveying Solutions by D'Zign
HP 42S Topography by D'Zign
HP9815A-UserManual (existing is 9815A/S)
HP82485A HP-71 Text Editor Owner's Manual
HP-97 Bedienungs-Handbuch
34C QRG (gray and color versions)
HP-42S Mechanical Engineering Step by Step Solutions
HP-67 Standard Pac
HP-9810 Service Manual
HP-55 Programming Pad
HP-71/HP Touchscreen and HP-71/HP 2392A Terminal Development Station demo
HP-71 to HP 3000 and HP 1000 File Transfers Application Note
HP-9825 HP-IB Programming Hints for selected instruments
Interfacing Concepts
HP-10 Printing Calculator Brochure
HP-71B Price List
A Guide to Selling and Demonstrating the HP-71B
HP-71 Instrument Control Systems brochure
HP-9100 Classroom Calculating System
HP-98xx Peripherals brochure - Extend your computer capabilities
Educalc Catalog Volume 52
Educalc Catalog Volume 53
Educalc Catalog Volume 54
HP-9810 Schematics
41C Users Library Programs
Cooling Loading Calculations
Cyclone Efficiency
Gear Frequencies
High Resolution Plotter
Lunar Day Converter/Astrophotography Exposure Guide
Messier Object Search
Precession of Right Accession and Declination
Satellites of Jupiter
Star Identification
Tic Tack Toe
Treasure Quest
D'zign Triangle solutions


There was apparently an "HP-67 Earth Sciences Solution Book," because a number of programs were ported from it and posted in the HP-41C Software Library here at the Museum. I would like to see the original documentation, but it must be very hard to find. It isn't included on current Museum CDs, and it apparently won't be in the next version either.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


There is/was a pdf scan of the manual floating around on the web. Let me know if you want or can use it (15 meg). I don't remember who posted it, so I cannot provide any credit or more than the pdf file.

No need to post any info, just ask.


I think you mean the HP-21S. I've seen a version on the web, but I would like to get a better scan and I haven't been able to contact the person who created it for permission and, hopefully, an improved scan. So I'm hoping someone else (or that person if he/she sees this) is willing to scan or loan one.


Yes, I meant the 21S but failed to elaborate. And if I remembered where I got the pdf from I would also make the request for you. Unfortunately, I do not. I will check do a quick check and if I am successful, get them to contact you.


Hi, I've looked for the hp21s manual several months ago and I've got a good scan (15MB) from another person here. I will check the archives - but if you need it real urgent, you can get it from me.

Hope this helps you in compiling this tremendous documentation - Walter B


Thank you for your dedication to keeping the library updated. I am especially interested in seeing the brochures.


Hi Dave !

Maybe the two Hp 80 notes (2x4pages) I proposed in my (private) mail to you could be of interest ?

Congrats for the nice work !



Thanks for doing all this- its great to have everything in one place. One thing I can't see is the HP 67 Calender Solutions manual- have I missed it on the current CD ?


Hi Dave,

I have a copy of the 15 MB HP-21S pdf document. I can FTP it to you if you can specify a location.

My email is nshammas at aol dot com




Its good to see that the HP75 I/O ROM documentation will be included in this set.

I've searched the existing contents of the DVD and the projected additional content and do not see the HP75 Math Pac Owner's Manual.

So, I've just scanned it into TIFF at 300dpi. The resulting file is about 5.7MB.

What's the best method for getting this into your hands?

Mark Hardman

Houston, TX


Hi, Dave, and thanks for continuing to improve the DVD/CD set!

I would like the set to include a scan of the user's manuals for the HP-71B Surveying ROM (5061-7238) and the HP-71B Math ROM.

I have the 71B and a Surveying module, but no manual. I would like to obtain a Math ROM.

-- KS


The HP71B Math ROM is already available on CD6 of the current set.

As has been pointed out many time before. The HP71B is NOT complete without the Math ROM.

Mark Hardman

Houston, TX


-- KS


Hi, Mark:

Mark posted:

"As has been pointed out many time before. The HP71B is NOT complete without the Math ROM."

Amen. I'm one of the most insistent people to point out that fact. And it's been my long-time experience that most every program or application benefits from having the Math ROM installed, not just math-related ones. If in doubt, check my articles "HP-71B Math ROM Baker's Dozen Vol.1" (10 pages, featured in the current V24N1 issue of Datafile) and "HP-71B Math ROM Baker's Dozen Vol.2" (8 pages, appearing in the next issue V24N2, due in April). My introduction to Vol.1 says it all:

"Among the many worthwhile plug-in ROMs ever made for the HP-71B1, the
Math ROM is one of the very best. Many of its principal functions and
capabilities were intended to be part of the System ROMs from the very start, but
were sadly left out when it became clear that the total code was going to exceed
the allotted 64 Kb of System ROM space. So, it was excised from internal ROMs
#0 and #1 and placed instead in external ROM #2, all 32 Kb of highly optimized
machine-language code. Yet some leftovers still remain inside the System ROMs,
now mostly issuing polls to the Math ROM code, if present, for it to handle a
number of operations such as those involving complex numbers (which the
mainframe does accept but can’t deal with), and IMAGE statements involving
complex numbers.

All in all, the Math ROM is the one essential addition to any HP-71B system,
extending the already very powerful BASIC programming environment to its
fullest for all things mathematical. As one of its original creators (Steve Abell,
father of CALC mode) once posted when talking about the HP-71B system: “It
had math and stat software to *die* for.
”. Indeed. And all later powerful HP
models (such as the 42S and the 48/49 series) have inherited and expanded the
advanced functionality of this incredible achievement in portable math
computing, itself made possible by the previous experience acquired during the
development of the HP-85 Matrix ROM, the HP-75 Math ROM, and the HP-15C
highly-optimized SOLVE and INTEGRATE functionality (originally developed for
the HP-34C !). The best algorithms were extracted and rewritten in Saturn
assembly code, including a large number of refinements (just compare complex
number handling) and additions (such as maintaining IEEE compliance, the one
and only handheld product at the time to offer such).

This article (subdivided into two reasonably-sized “volumes” to make life a little
easier for our kind Editor and readers) isn’t yet another review of the Math ROM
capabilities, that has been done a number of times before and to do it justice
would probably require a whole issue of Datafile or two. Instead, this article
features 13 assorted mini-topics, each of them discussing some interesting or
otherwise novel aspect of choice Math ROM capabilities, from complex numbers
to matrices, root finding, numerical integration, and special functions. I hope
you’ll find at least some of them enjoyable, even intriging, and further, useful to
increase your awareness of the incredible portable computing power the Math
ROM has to offer even today."

Best regards from V.


The way you said this, Valentin:

"The best algorithms were extracted and rewritten in Saturn assembly code, including a large number of
refinements (just compare complex number handling) and additions (such as maintaining IEEE compliance, the one and only handheld product at the
time to offer such)."

makes me wonder if you know of some other handheld that didn't exist "at the time", but does now, and which is IEEE compliant?

I had always thought that the beloved HP-71 was the one and only handheld to be IEEE compliant.


Hi, Rodger:

Rodger posted:

"The way you said this [...] makes me wonder if you know of some other handheld that didn't exist "at the time", but does now, and which is IEEE compliant?

I had always thought that the beloved HP-71 was the one and only handheld to be IEEE compliant."

No, I don't know of any other handheld "pocket computer" or computing device that is IEEE compliant right now. I included "at the time" just in case some other such devices had appeared in the last 20+ years, but to the best of my knowledge you're right, our beloved HP-71B is unique in that respect (and in many others as well).

Which makes me wonder if IEEE compliancy was a good thing to include, actually !?

Why ? Because large amounts of effort and, worse, ROM space were necessary to ensure that compliancy. So, valuable ROM space and man-hours which could've been employed to include more features were "wasted" in something that actually wasn't that useful or necessary. Also, the IEEE-compliant functions and statements spend some execution time dealing with the many, many nuances and quirks IEEE-compliancy requires and thus run slower.

I wonder if disregarding IEEE-compliancy would have meant that enough System ROM space would have been available to include the actual Math ROM functionality in the 71B instead, even if just native complex-number handling at the very least. Or, in the case of the Math ROM itself, more functions could've been included (such as the many missing matrix operations, the missing inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions for complex arguments, etc).

Seems quite probable to me. I know for sure that IEEE-compliance takes large portions of the Math ROM, and slows down its operation somewhat. So perhaps IEEE compliance wasn't that good and the HP-71B was burdened with a "ground-breaking" feature that, in retrospect, wasn't that useful and prevented other really useful features to actually make it.

Best regards from v.


Slightly OT, but...

IMHO the only thing *really* missing in the HP-71B

was a multiline display, maybe at least 4 rows.

It was very hard to keep an 'overview' when writing
lengty BASIC programs.

It also led to writing multiple statements
and labels into one line.

It was a bit better when using the FORTH, but not really good...

And it was really annoying when editing the sources of LEX and BIN files.

I couldn't afford to buy the expensive video interface back then,

so I had to write it all down, or later, print it with the IL ThinkJet,

of which the ink modules were and are very expensive.

For programmers the HP-71B was an extremely nice machine

regarding it's features, and a real pain regarding the display.




I fully agree about the HP-71B Math ROM. Let me add that the 2nd most important system extension for the HP-71B is the JPCROM, which adds structured programming keywords like LOOP/ENDLOOP, WHILE/ENDWHILE, LEAVE, SELECT/CASE (inspired by the classic HP Basic aka RMB), and many other useful functions.


I guess that you were the author of important bug fixes for this ROM. If yes, please contact me, I would like to know more about it (jeffcalc ... at ... wanadoo ... dot ... fr)



Sadly, it's not one of the downloadable articles ;-(


Hi, Werner:

Werner posted:

"Sadly, it's not one of the downloadable articles ;-( "

Thanks for your interest in this particular article of mine, but just in case you're also interested in HP-71B-related articles in general, you might want to consider subscribing to Datafile: the cost is negligible and I've submitted no less than *four* HP-71B articles recently, three of which are due to be published in the very next issues (kind Editor permitting), with several more on the way. The subject matters are varied but always brand new, hopefully quite interessting and even useful, and mostly 10-12 pages long.

I understand that people (myself included) don't like having to pay for anything, be it music or films or software or whatever, but the small fee helps Datfile survive; were Datafile to disappear for lack of members, I would simply stop writing publication-quality articles, and interested people who, like yourself, happen to like them would simply be deprived of the one and only source for them. It happened to PPC, it happened to CHHU, it happened to HPX, and we'd better be advised not to let it happen to Datafile.

I'm also finishing several articles for other HP models including the HP-16C, HP42S, HP-15C, HP-12C, and HP-41CX. Some of them also feature code for similar SHARP models for comparison purposes.

Best regards from V.


Hi Dave,

I'm glad to read this!

I have quite a few manuals (almost all for RPL models) that I
don't see on your list or on the current (Version 4.00) DVD. I
don't suppose that they're really needed, but I'd be
glad to contribute; assuming, of course, that you can obtain the
required permissions.

What file format would be needed? Some of the covers are in
colour; what colour depth would be appropriate? For that matter,
for grey-scale illustrations, what depth would be appropriate?

How soon would you need the files? If very soon, perhaps it would
be better to scan the thicker ones at my leisure for some future
DVD/CD set?

EduCalc catalogues:
#52S HP 41 / 71 / IL (1991)
#61 (1993)
#74 (1997)

HP Handheld Products Accessory Guide Calculators and Palmtop PCs (November 1996)

The HP 48 Catalog of Independently Developed Products (March 1996)
The HP 48 Catalog of Independently Developed Products (September 1996)

HP manuals:
HP 28C Programming Examples
HP 48SX Quick Reference Guide
HP 48 Owner's Manual
This is the "single-volume" edition for the SX/S models; HP
part number 00048-90091, Edition 1, November 1991
HP 82221A HP Solve Equation Library Application Card
Also Manual Update (Supplement for HP 82221B)
HP 48G Series
Quick Start Guide
User's Guide
Advanced User's Guide
HP 82240A Infrared Printer
HP 82240B Infrared Printer

Ted J. Kerber
HP42S Triangle Solutions REVISED 2nd EDITION
(Is this the one that you already have?)

Grapevine Publications
Thomas Dick
Solve and Integrate Corporation
Software Power Tools - Electrical Circuits
Dan Coffin
Calculus on the HP 48G/GX
R. Ray Depew
HP 48 Graphics (SX version)
Graphics on the HP 48G/GX
John W. Loux and Chris Coffin
An Easy Course In Using The HP-28S
Chris Coffin
An Easy Course in Using and Programming the HP 48G/GX

James Donnelly
THE HP-28 POCKET BOOK HP Part NO. 92222G Printed in U.S.A. 10/88

Armstrong Publishing Company
James Donnelly
The HP 48 Pocket Book (Includes 48G series)
The HP 48 Handbook (SX version)
The HP 48 Handbook 2nd Edition (Includes 48G series)
Introduction to System-RPL and Assemble Language (Includes 48G
series) (I also have the associated files.)

Larken Publications
HP 48 Insights Part I: Principles and Programming
Either the original (48SX) or 48G/GX edition, whichever you
don't already have.
I also have the discs for Part I G/GX edition and Part II, but
strangely, I don't (offhand) seem to have the disc for the
Part I original edition.



Dave Hicks' original list includes four EduCalc catalogs: 27, 52, 5 and 54. James Prange's response include three catalogs: 52, 61 and 74.

I have the following EduCal catalogas in my collection:

No. 12 - I can't find a date on it.

No. 41 - September 1988

Nos. 54 through 66 - Winter 1992 through Winter 1995

Nos. 68 through 70 - Summer 1995 through Winter 1996

Are any of these needed?


I believe I've emailed everyone who has offered manuals here or via email. (If you haven't seen anything, please email me.)

For other manuals that have been requested here but not offered, I'd be happy to scan or include them if someone can loan or scan them soon.


Thank you, Dave, for the great work you are doing online and here again on media.

I own the DVD of October 2002, I suppose it is v4.00 (is the version mentioned somewhere?).

The only thing I was missing are:
hp20S (manual)
hp21S (not on DVD, but found "big 15 MB" copy in internet
hp12C (manual) the original one, not the hp12Cp from today's hp site

Will the 3 manuals be included in a new version?

Do you plan to offer an upgrade (on CD or DVD) for the owners of the DVD set or full CD set?



Hello Dave,

once it's available, can I also purchase

the new DVD set and pay via PayPal?



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