HP41 half nut internal swap??


I have a 41CV and a 41CX both are half nut version. Now, the CX is a blank nut. I wonder I can swap the guts of these machines in order to have a standard CX and a blank nut CV? I am not sure I want to do this as the CX blank nut is more valuable than standard version but I like to use the CX and I am don't like the blank key. Although, I remember all the key legends now.


I remember, we had that posting some month ago, right?
As collector I would say sell the CX blanknut and buy a new CX. So you do not have the filigree work with the internals.


Hi, C han Tran;

although I know it is possible to x-change internal guts between full- and half-nuts (I´ve done that and now I own a deffective 41CV halfnut in a 41C fullnut case), I´d second Matthias advice: a CX blanknut is too rare to dismantle just for daily use purpose. If you can, keep it this way and add another CX to your collection... Just an idea!


Luiz (Brazil)



Have you thought of using the 41C standard overlay on the blanknut? There is no difference in the actual keyboard between the different 41C models. If you don't have one, I scanned one in to the computer last year and can e-mail it to you if you like. When printed it should be at 1:1 scale without any modifications. All you need to do is cut out for the keys.


Matthias! My earlier post involved a CV full nut and the CX half nut, blank nut. I just now got a like new CV half nut (for a big 50 cents) so the idea came again.
Richard! Thanks I have the overlay as well as the membrance overlay, but neither solution work well.
Thanks all for the advice. I think I should keep the blank nut intact.

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