Series 80: HP 82940A GPIO Manual


The HP 82940A GPIO Manual for the HP Series 80 computers has been added to the web site.

I am happy to say that this manual just about concludes the scanning of my collection. When I started the Series 80 site, the market prices for these computers were quite reasonable, but nowadays prices have increased to the point where I do not think it reasonable to try to enlarge the collection any further.

This means that unless somebody donates manuals or scans, the on-line collection is not likely to increase any further.

Best Regards



You've got the link wrong, I think. The filename should be HP82940A-GPIO.pdf, not HP82940-GPIOA.pdf (which is what you've got).

Interesting design, with those 8243 I/O expanders to drive the GPIO lines...


yes the link was wrong, thanks Tony


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