Free42 for PalmOS now does skins, too


Free42 for PalmOS now does skins, too. The latest version, plus a package containing two skins, is here.

There isn't much to look at, yet: the only built-in skin is still the same old 160x160 monochrome Free42 has used since day one, and the current skins package contains a reverse-video version of the 160x160 skin, plus a 320x320 adaptation of the "Standard" skin from the Windows and Linux versions. (Note that high-density skins only work on high-density screens; if you load them onto a low-density Palm, they won't even show up in the Skin menu.)

I have several more skins that others have donated in recent months; I will convert them all to PRC format and add them to the package over the next few days.

Note that you can also create your own skins fairly easily; you need a *.gif and *.layout file, just as for the Windows and Linux version; the tools to generate a PRC from these two files are in the palmos directory in the source package. Take a look at the Reverse.prc and StandardHD.prc targets in the Makefiles and tweak them to your needs. (I will provide a README about the process later on, and maybe make the tools a bit user-friendlier.)

Also note that generating PalmOS skins requires some flavor of Unix (or Cygwin), a shell, the netpbm package, a C compiler, and the PilRC resource compiler.

- Thomas

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