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Hi! I found a HP-IL card and install it on a old computer. I use "TANS41" to work with the card. After some time i finally get use to it. Now i want to transfer files on the HP museum 41 library. I try to transfer RAW files but the program don't like this file format... If i use PGM format file, transfer is great. I also try HEX file format and nothing works either.

Is there an utility to translate RAW files to PGM tans41 file format?

What is the program to use for transfering directly RAW files to the HP-41?

Is it possible to translate text files containing HP-41 program into a "uploadable" format to the HP-41? A lot of files in the HP museum library don't have a RAW or HEX files format.

Is there other format of HP-41 files on the net; where?

Is there other program for transfering files using the card i just found in a scrap box!

As you can see, i'm very interest in this card because now i can access a lot of programs on the net without keying them slowly on the HP-41... :-)




I'm sure Christoph Klug will answer more precisely,

but nevertheless I'll just mention it:

Search for Emu41 related threads in the forum,

and maybe in the articles forum.

If you have Emu41 from Jean-Francois Garnier,

in combination with your IL-PC card,

you'll never need anything else.



I use HP41UC (you can download it from here) to convert between the formats and load through HP-IL card and TRANS41. TRANS41 uses LIF format for its database although the files are called hpside1.pak and hpside2.pak. To convert RAW or TXT file use:

hp41uc /r=file.raw /l=file.lif
hp41uc /t=file.txt /l=file.lif
Rename file.lif into hpside1.pak and you are redy to upload it to HP-41. It is possible to put number of files into one LIF file but you have to put them all in a separate folder due to HP41UC funky requrement (not a big deal). I use:
hp41uc /r=.\folder\*.raw /l=file.lif

Hope this help.



Thanks. I get the translator. But i still get a problem with PGM format. No translator i available. I still cannot take a RAW files ant translate it in a PGM files.

Thanks again,



Dear Michel,

Raymond´s answer is absolutely right : Today TRANS41 makes less sense because EMU41 includes much more features. And EMU41 is compatible to your existing PC interface card :-)

Please refer to the HP-Museum article forum item 311 : HP41/PC gateway & emulator.

Also for working with programm files and ROM images, EMU41 includes nice support. Please refer to the HP-Museum artivle forum item 448 : Uploading ROM´s for HP41 & EMU41

With best wishes from Germany - Christoph

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