HP-41CX, HP-IL and HP3468A Multimeter


I have an HP 3468A Digital Multimeter, an HP-41CV with HP-IL Module, and a lot of other modules. Does anyone have experience using the 3468A with the HP-41CX ?

Do I need to keep the HP-41 HP-IL Development Module or Extended I/O (HP 82183A) Module to use the 3468A ?

Best Wishes,

Chris Catotti


Dear Chris,

please read the actual issue of the HPCC Datafile Journal : There I published an short article about controlling the HP3468 with HP41. This includes AC/DC voltage measurement, voltage level meausrement which includes dB calculation on HP41 side and display control of the HP3468 by HP41. The combination of HP41 & HP3468 is a nice solution for datalogger applications :-)

With best regards from Germany - Christoph Klug

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