Replacement Rec'vd for 49g+


Hello all,

Just received a package from HP today containing a replacement 49g+. (very quick service btw)

It came after explaining our symptoms to the calc tech there.

I've noticed that once the stack gets about 3 to 4 objects deep, the keystrokes still hesitate. For example, with a clean stack, rapidly keying 7777 does enter 7777, but not so after a few objects exist.

I noticed that upon installing the batts I was prompted to go thru the "recover memory?" routine...which I do not recall doing the first time on the other one..?

Well..its a shame, the only (ONLY) complaint I have is that when the initial key is duplicated, I miss strokes:
1. 444 yields 44
2. YET: 43333 always gives 43333! Regardless of # objects in stack...

if only that first one could be corrected...!! Help!

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