HP48 and the Nikon F5 camera


I am just wondering if anyone has use a 48 (any version) to communicate with the Nikon F5 camera via its serial port? I am pretty sure that this is possible but I don't know the protocol or command set of the camera. I think I am pushing my luck but well you never know.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Although I never tried such a communication myself,
Some time ago I went through some details about the hardware and software protocol. Can't remember where
is was, though :-(

Here's something to start with: (I'll post if I happen to find it again)


(get especially a look at the ELECSPEC document)

Some info might be available on www.nikonlinks.com too,
under the "F5" and "F90x" pages.

Good luck and keep us informed about this project ! :-)

-- Etienne


Thanks! I can't find any thing very useful either.


Does this help?



Just realized that the link in my previous post relates to some of the Coolpix Cameras but not to the F5 - Sorry.


I found it:


The protocol for the F5 should be similar, if not exactly the same.

Good luck !


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