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Appologies upfront if what I did was not needed in the first place at it can be done easily here directly already...

However, the only method to search all archives for certain keywords that I found was to go archive by archive, which given that there are 13 already was a bit timeconsuming.

So I downloaded all thread-titles into excel and wrote a little macro that searches all the thread-titles in all archives and puts those that contain a certain word into neat colums with links directly to them here on the web.

It is useful for me to e.g. find all articles about the hp-41 or that have "repair" in their title.

If it would be of interest to anyone else, I'd ne happy to mail the xls (as I'm not sure if and how it could be posted directly...)

Again, not sure if that would be of use to anyone and if so, it will definitely not get any points for elegance, beauty, smart coding or anything the like...

(also, please let me know if I'd be doing anything wrong, e.g. downloading the forum-thread titles is not okay, etc)




I would like to have it anyway.

Thank you!




I'd also like to get a copy of your .xls. Please remove NOSPAM from my address above.

Thanks for sharing!



Try the following in Google: search term


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