HP-67 stuck card reader motor


What can be the problem with a stuck card reader motor. it does not stop running. the only way to stop it is by removing the baterry pack. never had a problem before. All keys work and calculations are OK even when motor is running. The slide switch does not stop it either. i tried slamming, slapping, and bangging...motor doesn't not quit...HELP


Either you've got a short somewhere on the card reader PCB, or your sense amplifier chip (the one on the card reader PCB) has failed. I think you can take that chip from a 67, 97 or 82104 (HP41 card reader). The one in the HP65 is slightly different, but should work, I think.


How can I Identify the failing part? Can I buy this part at the electronics store?..Thanks for your help..I am lost without it.
I can also switch to a 41c I have..I would like to save the 67 in working order. Thanks again.

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