Datafile V24N1


Dear All,

This is to announce that the January/February issue of Datafile is
out and should now have been received by all members. I'd like to remind
you that this is the last issue you will receive if you do not renew.
You can renew by post using the form that was included or by completing
the on-line form at and posting,
faxing or emailing it. The detail are all on the web-page.

New members are always welcome and should use the same form. If you are
wondering what you are missing then here are some highlights:

  • Joe Horn's "PDQ Unleashed"
  • "Rationalize[x,dx]" from Tony Hutchins which does a pretty good job
    of matching PDQ but on the HP-12C
  • the "HHC 2004 Contest Revisited" in which Roger Hill summarises and
    explains the contest entries and improves upon the winner. These
    programs were written by some of the best RPL coders so the tricks
    revealed are invaluable.
  • Valentin Albillo provides part one of a "Baker's Dozen" set of tips
    for getting the most from the HP-71B Math rom.
  • Lastly Tony Hutchins revisits a nearly 20-year old problem that
    takes just 12 lines on an HP-41C but needs 17 commands to do on the
    stack in RPL.
Coming up in future issues are:
  • Part 2 of "Baker's Dozen" - more 71B Math ROM tricks
  • An improved Black Scholes Solver Equation for the 17BII/19B/19BII
    that is 20% smaller than the one published on the HP web site, and 3000
    times more accurate. Inspired by the work of Hoene Wronski.
  • And perhaps the most amazing 8 line 71B Math ROM program that you
    have ever seen.


Bruce Horrocks

Datafile Editor

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