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I am trying to determine if manual I received was really published by Hewlett Packard or is entirely a copy. The contents are obviously copied from a HP-16c Manual, including the original cover and back cover.

The outside front cover is a laminated cardstock with rectangular geometric square patterns in grays and beiges, (not the photographic computer images on the common manual), with a hp Logo and the words HEWLETT PACKARD in the upper right corner, and in the left side of the lower half of the cover the following title: "HP-16C, Computer Scientist, OWNER'S HANDBOOK.

The rear cover is all beige laminated cardstock with the same hp Logo and HEWLETT PACKARD in the upper right corner and the following words and numbers in the lower left corner: Reorder No. or, Manual Part No., 00016-90001-E1187.

Has any seen one of these before and do they know if it is an official manual originally shipped with a HP-16c.

I have heard one suggestion that these were published by Edu-Calc to accompany some found stock of HP-16c's (without original manuals) that were sold by Edu-Calc after HP-16c's were discontinued by the Hewlett Packard Company. Does any body know if this bears any relation to reality.

Finally does any body have an email address for Richard Nelson (Owner of the Edu-Calc Store) so I could communicate with him and verify this one way or the other.

Thanks very much, Jim H


... and post the image here? I'd like having the image of this cover. Or, if you think it's easier, can you e-mail me an image? ( lcvieira at quantica dot com dot br )

Cheers and thanks.

Luiz (Brazil)


Richard Nelson's email is located at the end of a presentation he prepared on book binding.


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there were several 'reprints' of HP calculator documentation

after the original printed stock was gone.

I also have a 16C manual reprint and an HP-28S manual reprint

which one could buy separately from HP.

They were sold by HP, and actually are medium

to low quality copies of a xeroxed reserve manual.

Better than nothing, but especially in the 16C manual

there are some IEEE related tables,

which are hard to read in my 'reprinted' manual copy.

However, some time ago I got an original printed manual,

multi-colored as it should be,

and now the machine is complete.



For the record, Richard Nelson was an employee of EduCalc, which was owned -- in part -- by Jim Carter.


Thanks for the information about Richard Nelson and Jim Carter vis a vis EduCalc. I was going on memory of the catalogs and some other posts over the years and obviously my memory needed to be corrected. I do have a picture from another responder of I think the same manual, however the colors are not quite right. How do I post a picture to this list?

Thanks again for all the responses, Jim


Post a picture here as follows:

Type [img:http://www.full image url]

where "image url" is the web address of the picture. Here's an example, using the "http://www.hpmuseum.org/16.jpg" picture from this site:

The picture must be available on a web site. If you don't have a place to host it, you can send it to Dave and he will create a directory on this site for your picture(s).
All of the above is fully explained here


Jim, I am aware of three different HP manual packages for the 16C. The ones that shipped with the first calculators were spiral bound with coloured covers similar to the one on my tribute site. I don't have the dimensions of that book to hand but it was about A5 in size. The text was 2-colour: black and blue.

Caclulators shipped to Europe (or at least that's my assumption) came with a similar, smaller manual that's 170mm x 120mm. The example I have is in German and came with a model from the mid-life period. It is possible that the form factor of this manual shipped with all mid-life calculators. The one I have came with a US-made calculator with a 1987 serial number. It's also possible that my feeble memory has failed and that my original manual was the same size as the German one. ;-)

I have a third manual which I think is similar to the one you describe (it has the same part number). My belief is that this manual shipped with late-life calculators. The one I have came with a US-made calculator from 1988. I don't have the box for that specimen and if the manual did ship in the box, the box must have been made substantially bigger later in life.



Has any seen one of these before and do they know if it is an official manual originally shipped with a HP-16c
I have one of these - I purchased it from Educalc after buying a secondhand 16C with no manual. They were advertised as official manuals but are clearly reproductions. Presumably Educalc had permission to do this.

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