hp49g+ and SYSPRL Programming


Out of curiousity, do I have to use an outside computer to edit and compile programs in SysRPL, or may I use the calculator to do this?

I can set the flag to "see" the SysRPL language (-85), but I have not been successful to "imitate" SysRPL language.

i.e. :: x<< ZINT 6 ZINT 3 x+ x>> ; = << 6 3 +>>
I can not run it when I type the former code. I have menu 256 attached.


Did you consult the manual (aka RTFM) ?

Or comp.sys.hp48 ?

Maybe www.hpcalc.org will help, too...



Yes. There is a built in compiler named MASD. It requires a library named Extable that has the tables of the named pointer. However, the best way to use it is to download and install Emacs. In that package, there is an extable2 (even more stabel romptrs) Sdiag (stack diagrams, help, documents, etc) the emacs library itself(offers autocompletion, searching of memory, templates, macros,etc). Then download a program called Nosy (decompiles and extracts romtrs while editing in emacs) The emacs zip has a nice documentation explaining its advanced features. All are at hpcalc.org

These 4 tools give you everything you need. I actually PREFER programming on the calculator. It is really easy. I program more on the computer now though, since my program is split over 3 libraries--one weighs in at 87K, one at 67K, other at 5K. They are just too big to work on in calculator anymore. However for quick program writing I most often will do it on the calcuator because it is so easy to test.


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