HP41C Card Reader Problem


I replaced a 82104 card reader's roller, and it seems to pull the card through OK, but when I try to read or write a card, I get "Malfunction". I cleaned the head with a head cleaning card, check all the head connections inside the reader, but I stil have the problem. Any clues ?. Thanks, John


Well... I had the same problem...

Put fresh batteries and check it out... silly, but easy to repair...

Cheers John,


There is a small piece of copper (1/2" long strip along length axis of card) that presses the card against the reader head.

I accidently caused this to become too flat (no spring action) on one the first card readers I repaired. If it does not push the card against the head, you will get a "malfunction" error.

You have to be careful when messing with that piece of spring copper. Too tight and it will scribe the card and leave a black line. Too lose and it will not press the card against the head.

If you have not touched that piece, this may not be your problem.

Good luck!

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