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Does anyone know if this petition has already been posted to the HP management?


Having met some of the HP calculator folks at the HHC2004 in San Jose, CA, last September, I got the feeling that the HP calculator division is not what it used to be as far as having resources. It is easy to draw the conclusion that HP will not reproduce models that have been discontinued. And even if they did, the quality of the revived models will be greatly in question. Note the problems many folks have with the last generation of HP calculators produced by a Chinese subcontractor for HP.

Your best best is to buy a nice HP-15C from eBay.



I recently brought an very nice HP11C from www.hpcalcman.com.

I beleive they still have some 15Cs available - a little expensive but if my 11C is anything to go by you should be able to get a nice example from them.


If anybody can to extract the machine code of 15C's ROM, and the hardware's documentation I'm think that is possible to emulate it on a PLC. Plus some electronics :), and HP15C will rebirth in a little girl...

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