RPN and the HP 38G


I've seen programs for TI calculators that allow you to use them in an RPN mode. I've wondered if anyone has seen the equivalent for the 38G ?


Actually, the HP-38G is an RPL machine internally,

similar to the HP-48, but with some more advanced internal features.

However, the RPL kernel is hidden from the user in the HP-38G.

Have you checked www.hpcalc.org about this topic ?



Could you tell us where you did find the programs for the TI equipment ? Sometimes we are forced to use TI machines and if it could be by the RPN entry method it woud be nice. Thanks!


At the risk of being lynched, here are links to another couple of sites



I don't have these calculators so have never tried the programs.

I did have a look at the hpcalc site but couldn't see anything.

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