typical 33s programs


I will use a program to solve my iterative problems on the 33s, but, any engineers here use the 33s that have some examples of problems that cannot be solved with the EQN list?

For example, one can write a short program to compute Cross Product of 2 vectors, but this would not be so inviting with an EQN.

I'm becoming more confident in the 33s. The ENTER, R/S relocations I can adjust to, but I really wish the X^2 was a shifted root(x). The X^3/cuberoot(X) is simply redundant when you have a XthRoot(Y) and Y^X key...which should also have been inverses of eachother..! My finger instinctively returns to shift x^2 when I want to square things...



The 48 and 49 series will handle vector and matrix manipulation much more elegently than the 33s. I suggest that you check out a 48 or 49 series machine.

If the 33s is a WWII spitfire airplane then the 48/49 is an F-15 jet fighter.



Hi, Eric;

not exactly to answer to your request about the cross product of two vectors, instead to give you some other info:

HP 33S Training Modules

If you want to download all of them in one single zipped file, try here. If you already have these... sorry being late!

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


I will say one thing for the "new" HP - these training module documents are a step in the right direction.

While we tend to focus on the problems of keyboard and general construction quality, perhaps one of the biggest values of the "classic" HP calcs (Classics up to the 41CX, imv) was the accompanying manuals, solutions books, application pacs and the like, which probably reached its peak with the 65/67/41 user-contributed program library, solutions books, etc.

I wish the 48 series had had this kind of support; the 48GX Series User's Guide is nowhere near thick enough, and additional examples would have helped many users up the learning curve.


--- Les Bell



Hi Les,

I think you can thank Gene and Wlodek for those manuals---they are the authors I believe.




I believe so, Bill, and they've done great work there. However, the "breakthrough" is the realisation by someone at HP that this would be A Good Thing, and the decision to support it.

I guess there isn't the same need for the Users Library, since independent web sites provide instant availability of programs these days. But good basic documentation is vital, and I'm sure the success of the 48's was hurt by the documentation, which is even typeset in the same font as the turn-of-the-century maths schoolbooks we had back in the sixties.

Back in the eighties, the duty-free stores at Singapore Airport used to sell HP calcs, and I would surprise the sales people there by asking to see, not the calculator, but the manuals for the calculators. After all, you'd never guess what lurks beneath the surface of a 41 by looking at the keyboard!

From memory, that's where I picked up my 41CV, 41CX and 16C. And I've been careful to keep their manuals in good condition, in a prime spot on the bookshelf. They're almost as pleasurable to own as the calculators themselves.


--- Les Bell



I have a program to compute positive and negative wind pressures, that's pretty nice. It takes advantage of the two-line display so I don't have to calculate twice.


I have a program to compute positive and negative wind pressures, that's pretty nice. It takes advantage of the two-line display so I don't have to calculate twice

Hello, this program is interested me, so if it free, please send me it in email! I'm a mechanical engineer, specified for fluid flow and food and chemical processing engineering, and this is seems to me interesting!

Sorry for my English, I'm better in RPN ;)

Thank you!


Edited: 7 Mar 2005, 2:56 a.m.

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