Making a HP-67 charger


Does anyone know if it is worthwhile to assemble a HP-67 charger from easily available parts or if some existing part can be modified to do the job?


I suppose it would be worthwhile to have a design available. Probably most collectors do not require one charger for each calc in their collection (of course some collectors want complete units with all accessories for each).


I suppose you could make one, but why? Those chargers are fairly easily available, so why not just buy one? Am I missing something?



Several reasons, I guess:

220V/240V chargers are harder to find; one could design a smarter and faster charger than the HP one; one could design a charger for NiMH or Li-ion batteries; or just "because it's there"?

The only tricky part would be sourcing a connector for the calc end of the cable.


--- Les []


I've looked for the connector plugs over the years with no luck and have concluded that they must have been a custom made part. In fact, the Heathkit OC-1401 (a very interesting LED RPN calculator/flight computer) which uses an almost identical charging/plug scheme to the HP classics doesn't use this plug, they seem to have come up with their own custom variation.


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