I don't know if this is unusual, but since listing an item for sale in the classified ads here I've had email from at least four optimists who think they can defraud me, using a well-known scam. Do these idiots try this with every item that's posted for sale, or am I being chosen specially?



They seem to do this for everyone. I posted a Wanted-message and got an email asking me to sell the device I searched for.

You can find the message I got in this

Probably yours has the same structure, it looks like generated by some computer program.

Keep your eyes open,



Yup, almost identical to the messages I got. I wonder if anyone in here has ever been caught by them. Don't suppose it's the sort of thing you'd admit.



For some unknown reason my school's engineering server got quite a few of these a while back. It kinda ticked me off, while researching I found this website

which does a marvelous job in detailing how to make these incredibly stupid, but still thoroughly crooked fraudsters jump through some hoops. Have fun!


I think I've seen something like that site before. When I retire I think I'll spend some time winding these guys up a little.



Same thing happened to me, same email so I think they do it to anyone.

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