To remove engineering library from 49g


I have a 49G that came preloaded with "chotkeh's" engineering software, for the PE exam.

How can I flash it clean? Will it speed up? This is the only 49G I've used myself, and it is painfully slow compared to the 49G+..could this huge library have anything to do with that?



1st I suggest you transfer a backup of the library to your PC

2nd the 49g+ just is 2...4x faster, removing the lib does not help

3rd USER off and keeping the Stack small (<100) helps a bit



Agreed. I expect that the library is a pretty expensive application, so I'd certainly save a copy to the PC before purging it. I very much doubt that purging the library will speed up the calculator, although it will free up some storage space. If you really want to purge the library, just use the filer to find and purge it.



Hi Eric, folks;

I unsuccessfuly tried to locate the library mentioned here in order to know what is it about. Can anyone point me out a link or something? If not, Eric, would you be able to save it and e-mail me a copy of it? ( lcvieira at quantica dot com dot br )

Of course, all of my request is based on the possibility of having a copy of it. If it is copyrighted or if it has any sort of restrictions, just let it as it is. Anyway, I'd like at least knowing what does it offer, if possible.


Luiz (Brazil)



The software is by a company called "Chotkeh" ( It was not free, and came pre-installed on the 49g for about $300US.

The software is a menu-driven set of equations (very very extensive) for the mechanical engineering PE exam.

1. I am happy to send you a copy, if it is legal ( I am not sure, but I doubt it)
2. I have never connected my hp's (I am embarrassed, help me begin!) to my pc yet. I have years of RPN experience, but no hp48/49 programming experience.

Best regards,


Hi, Eric;

thank you so much for taking the time to check for the library's origin.

As you mentioned, if the library is a US$300 library, free copies are most likely to be illegal. I'd like to know what is it capable of, but surely asking for a copy (even by e-mailing you directly) would not be a good "behavior" of mine.

I'd add that, for as long as you can or want to, keep the library as it is in your 49G+. Based on what you read from others, the library itself won't slow your calculator down. And the HP49G+ has plenty of memory to hold it, mostly if you add a SD card.

Thanks again and best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


Hello Eric

Can you DROP_ me an e-mail?


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