Any HP48GX software for Personal data storage and retrieval?


Feb. 19, 2005

I would like to use my HP48GX to store names / phone numbers / Company names and e-mail addresses of People I meet in my life. Any existing software which can store this information, and most importantly enable to save it on my PC (one never knows ...) ?
Any kind of appointment reminder software would also be welcome.

I have used the Personnal Information Manager (TM) from SPARCOM in the US which is OK, but I am curious to know whether there would exist additionnal similar Software for the HP48GX ( J.K. Horn "goodies" ??? )
Thanks for your kind attention and help

Best Regards from France

Antoine M. Couëtte

#6 should have it.




Feb 20, 2005

Thank you Raymond.
Seems like being a "gold mine" and thanks to Eric Rechlin too. I am going to look into it.

Best Regards from

Antoine M. "Kermit" Couëtte


I personally tried Organizer 1.1 by Jack Levy and found it really good for my purposes...
From the documentation of the software itself:
<<Organizer is a library designed to act as a Personal Information Manager, or PIM. The goal is to create a responsive, easy-to-use, complete PIM for the HP48. Organizer provides the following capabilities:

* Calendar
* Appointments
* Annual Events
* Scribe Hooks
* Fast assembly display routines for quick scrolling of an unlimited number of appointments
* FIND function to search appointments or annual events, either matching case or ignoring it.
* Support for any external database, with presets for Scribe, Rolodex, Foneman, and Dbase.
* Support for any external editor, with presets for StringWriter, ED, TED, and QED.
* Automatic detection and compensation for date and time formats.
* Commands for easy backup/restoration/purging of all data.
* Stack importing/exporting, configurable starting view, custom full-screen editor, and more.>>

Hope this helps.

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